How do I get a loan for my company?

There are certain precautions that the business owner needs to take to carry it out, such as, for example, the planning that should be the basis of this decision, because without it it is impossible to keep the accounts up to date and deal with the credit values.

The administrator, manager or director, of the enterprise also needs to think long-term when choosing this form to obtain credit, since from the moment a loan is made, the amounts of the installments plus interest must be added to the company’s costs, throughout the term of the contract.

In addition to worrying about returning the amount, don’t forget the installments, interest, etc. But, do not worry, currently, there are many fintechs that provide credit at affordable rates and facilitate the form of payment, installments, slips, etc.

Of course it is important, even so, you need to keep in mind that a loan is not a bonus, nor an anticipation of receivables, but a money to be borrowed, that is, the time to pay will come.


Don’t fall for scams!

loan scam

Do not make payments or deposits in advance, even with arguments such as, “incurring upfront costs” or “covering fees and taxes”. When that happens, pay attention! It could be fraud.

Credible and solid ventures in the market are unlikely to ask for any value upfront. If you have any doubts, before depositing any amount or carrying out any transaction, please contact the company you are interested in taking out the loan directly.


Opt for online loan …

Today, you don’t have to go to a bank to pay bills, make bank transfers, apply for a loan, credit card, etc. With the internet it is possible to do all of this online, which makes life easier for many Brazilians who cannot leave work, in the middle of the day, to go to the bank.

For this reason, and, of course, for other reasons, the possibility of applying for a loan online is extremely valid, as the entrepreneur does not need to travel. In some cases, the entrepreneur can sign the contract online, respond to requests by email and that’s it!

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in the situation in which we operate, it is a fact that practicality and time savings are highly valued factors. Like the contract, support is also online, this allows you to report and solve the problem in the shortest possible time.

Speaking of amounts, interest rates are lower than those for loans from traditional companies.


Collective loan?

Collective loan?

Collective loans, peer-to-peer lending (P2P), is one of the new alternatives on the market for those who need to hire this financial service.

The modality is based on the loan of resources from investors, individuals, to companies, and its main advantage is the elimination of most of the bureaucracies involved in this process.

Some platforms already offer the service, the process is 100% online, safe and fast. The rates are affordable and the procedure is less bureaucratic, which facilitates access to credit anywhere in the country. Just like the survey, commented on initially here, look for references on the subject and, before any decision, assess whether the modality fits your company’s profile.

In addition, the role of the loan is usually to contribute to bringing profits to the business and in future helping to pay off the debt. That is, it needs to bring viable return. In this context, seeking loans that provide low interest rates is essential to avoid getting involved with the bills and entering the loss.




There are several companies that provide this service, but, in the midst of so many reliable and dubious options, it is very easy to fall into traps and be surprised by conditions imposed and even, sometimes, unabated. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful and careful.

When you start researching company history and loan modalities, consider the alternative that best fits your company’s current situation. As much as agility is assigned in these hours, in-depth study is extremely necessary for the whole process to take place without unforeseen circumstances and scares.

So that there are no problems, make a list of all your debts, such as interest rates (so that you can plan for the long term), payment terms of the loan installments, and so on. Clarify any doubts you have and after choosing the modality and defining the company, see if the conditions offered really fit your reality. If the answer is yes, go ahead!



loan calculator

When studying the best practices on how to borrow, it is necessary to do the math and calculate the financial reality of your own company. This is an indispensable thing to do before considering hiring.

The offer may be the best found in the market, but the benefit will not do you good if you realize that in the end you will not be able to afford the value, if this happens, both your situation and that of the company, it may get worse or more delicate than the current one.

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